Lippy heaven

New Chanel Lipstick in 'Saga'

New Chanel Lipstick in ‘Saga’

Chanel does it again. They just seem to be able to get that shade, texture and shine appeal just right.

I was hooked on the Rouge Coco Shine lippy as soon as they came out (must have been a couple of years ago now). So far, I’ve had ROYALLIEU, FLIRT (amazing coral), SOURIRE and  STYLE (good nude with a bit of colour).

It’s from the new collection and it’s called ‘SAGA’. It’s a solid colour with no glitter, shimmer and it’s the perfect rosey pink, which is great for bringing out a tan and the colour of your eyes! These lipsticks are supposed to be hydrating, sheer and balm-like, which they are. You could swap your lipbalm for a little splash of colour with these and the best thing is, you don’t need precision application, no mirror necessary. I love them and can’t think of a better place to start.

You can buy them from the big Boots and most department stores. Heaps of colours and shimmery-ness levels to suit everyone.

Price – £24.00

Anna …x


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