Need A Little Recovery Oil?

anna talks beauty kiehls oil

Summer’s not quite here to stay yet and the change of weather and the extremely cold winter has left my skin in desperate need of a little pick me up and boost of moisture.

I have good skin and never like to congest it with too many skincare products, so I went on the hunt for something that was light, suitable for my skin and that I could use every now and again!

Things I am prone to – Tightness of skin after cleansing, dry when the weather is cold or windy, small fine lines around cheeks and nose and a few broken capillaries.

My search led me to Kiehls, a brand I am not that familiar with. An extremely helpful man in a lab coat gave me a little skin patch test and confirmed I was on the dryest of dry skin on his measuring tabs and could do with a little help overnight, when the skin is most regenerative.

I’ve tried out the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, which you only need a tiny tiny amount of and gently press it onto the cheeks and forehead, which were my dryest areas. The excess can be evenly used up on the rest of the face and neck. It smells amazing and it seems to have given me a nice glow and that extra boost, so all in all I’m very happy. It hasn’t conquered the capillaries on my cheek, but it certainly has made my skin feel a lot more dewy in the morning and ready for when the sun is out.

It’s a best selling product in the Kiehls line of products and I can see why, it’s such an easy addition to the routine and gives you good results. If you are slightly sceptical about applying thick oils, anti-wrinkle creams, but you are at a point where you need a little helping hand, this product would suit just right.

  • PROS – Affordable, Smells Divine, Instant Boost, Good Dropper Device.
  • CONS – Number of Preservatives and Extras in Ingredients List

Main Ingredients – Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Essential Oil (great for night time) and a botanical lipid which is similar to the skins own skin lipids and can be easily absorbed.

The oil costs £36 and can be found online at 



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