Big and Bold


I’ve always had big-ish eyebrows. What’s not to love?! They’re much easier to maintain, I believe they make my face look better this way and they are a great feature in any shape and size, as modelled on my panel above.

So long as they’re plucked, groomed and given a bit of TLC. Unruly, monobrow stuff is pretty unsightly and not recommended!

My essential kit for big brows is

Bobbi Brown – Natural Eye Shaper. £14.50 Mine’s in clear, but you can also get them in colours if you need a little help with filling in

Laura Mercier – ‘Soft Brunette’ Eye Brow Pencil £15.50 from SpaceNK. With new packaging and brow brush on the end.

There are often warm days (like today) when I wear little more than my tinted moisturiser and my eyebrows. If they are plucked, even and looking sensational, then I rarely feel the need for all the other bits and pieces. It’s amazing how your face shape and expression just pops once you have sculpted them into the desired shape. Don’t go too dark with the pencil or shadow, when filling and shaping and try to avoid the chavy ‘I’ve just used a marker pen on my face’ look.

Anna's Brow Kit

Anna’s Brow Kit

Get involved, it’s fun to have big brows!



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