Blue over Black


During my time at University, I was introduced to the wonderful world of eyeliner (yes I was a late starter) thanks to a good friend of mine. She convinced me it looked good and it took me a good speculative year to really see the benefit of it. Even though I was a make-up fanatic back then, eyeliner just didn’t feature in my younger years! It’s been a long and happy experimental time since then and my latest finding comes in the form of those 2 interlocking C’s again…I’m hooked!

My new love is my recently purchased ‘LE CRAYON YEUX’ by Chanel in ‘BLUE JEAN’. It’s beautiful, creamy and slightly shimmery. It’s the second pencil I’ve bought from this range, my previous purchase was ‘KHAKI DORE’. Black on it’s own just seems boring now!

Colour – Beautiful dark navy with flecks of shimmer.

A few PROS of the product:

– Just back from holiday and can confirm it’s perfect with a tan and brings out those less dominent colours in your eyes. I have a mixture of brown and green eyes and it  enhances the green.

– It’s very soft in texture and can be applied lightly or heavily, as shown on the back of my hand. When it’s on thicker and darker, the shimmer sparkles and catches the light but not in a glittery way.

– The pencil has a rubber wedge on the end, so it can be smudged for a smouldery look. Especially good for when you want to create a smokey eye, then you can always put a little bit of black in the corners if you want it for a more dominent evening look.

– Lasts for ages and worth the investment. It also comes with a sharpener, handy!

– The colours are classic and not gimicky, despite being a little different so you are bound to use it all the time and not get bored of it.

This range of eyeliners are some of the best I’ve tried, partly because of the colour range, but also because the packaging’s good, looks lovely and the consistency stays put but is soft enough not to have it scrub it off after a long day.

You can buy Chanel make-up just about everywhere I know, but mine are usually purchased from a big Boots.

Price – £17.00

Enjoy experimenting and let me know your thoughts on Blue over Black or maybe you’re a bit of both?!


'Khaki Dore' - Line, Heavy Line and Smudged. 'Blue Jean' - Line, Heavy Line and Smudged. Both by Chanel

‘Khaki Dore’ – Line, Heavy Line and Smudged. ‘Blue Jean’ – Line, Heavy Line and Smudged. Both by Chanel


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