Prickly Heat Dilemma

Prickly heat/Heat rash/Itchy red bumps from head to toe..whatever you want to call it, it’s a bit of a nightmare!

It’s not the most glamorous topic, but it seems to affect so many people I thought I’d do my best to share some of my success stories, so if you’re a sufferer and want some ideas, maybe these will help!

My prickly heat prevention shopping basket

My prickly heat prevention shopping basket

-Boots Soltan Protect and Tan (the whole range) for my entire holiday now. SPF 30 to start out, they do a 50, 15 and 8 too. It’s an ultra light texture and hypo allergenic which suits sensitive skin types (like me). It’s specially formulated with a tan boosting ingredient, I don’t know how much this has to do with helping my prickly heat but it doesn’t aggravate it and I got a good tan! Try putting the higher factor on the areas where you are more prone to getting the rash. All Soltan products are 5* rating, so they are ultra protective from the suns rays. NOTE – I don’t know if this is suitable for the face, so I tend to use a specific face product.

Lycon Anti-Bump Wash. After a day on the beach or by the pool, take a cool shower and wash your whole body with a natural antiseptic shower gel. This particular product contains Lemon Tea Tree, Arnica and Calendula. It cleans the skin of any bacteria, unclogs pores and helps with the appearance of ingrown hairs and bumps. I use this everyday at home and now it’s my holiday essential too.

Boots Soltan Aftersun, Hydrating Lotion. Hypo-Allergenic, no added extras (like  insect repellent), just good old after sun which you can lather on! Try and put this on every night, as the Aloe is soothing and good for reducing the flare ups of bumps you may have had during the day. Hopefully the prickly heat should have gone down by the next day!

– Antihistamine Tablet. Take these once a day 1 week leading up to your holiday and then every morning on your holiday, before you go out in the sun.

Other helpers – get regular shade and keep your body cool (lots of fluids) and regular dips in a cool shower if you have access to one!

I really hope that to any prickly heat sufferers, you have some success with these products, please let me know how you get on and if you’ve had any good experiences!



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