Organix Brazilian Hair Boost

Organix Anti-Breakage Serum transforms by lack-luster hair

‘Organix Anti-Breakage Serum’ transforms my dull and damaged hair into glossy smooth locks

When I infrequently visit the hairdresser, he tells me I need to do something about my ‘broken’ hair! Poor old tresses take a daily dose of hot blow drying with virtually nothing to help it from being singed and attacked by my comb and I have given up convincing myself that it just needs a trim! It’s got those typical signs of damaged hair, straw-like, split-ends and lacking in shine. It’s beyond a good conditioner!

I went looking for a beauty bargain in Boots and came across the ‘Moroccan oils’ section from every brand you can think of. I liked the look of the ingredients of the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Oil, as it’s enriched with Coconut oil that gives it the rich conditioning, then Avocado oils and Cocoa butter to nourish and smooth. Nothing too toxic and fairly straight forward, cute small bottle and organic company, so this one gets a try and it’s not breaking the bank!

– Apply a few drops to the mid to lower section of your hair (where it tends to be most dry), when your hair is damp.

– Comb it through and leave naturally or blow dry.

TIP – If you leave it naturally to dry and then give it a quick blast to finish at the end, the results are even better!

I’m totally amazed at my transformed hair! It’s such a cheapy from Boots (although you can’t get it online). The results are smooth, baby soft and manageable hair with instantly less breakage with the effect of ‘touch my hair, touch it, it’s so smooth’ even the boyfriend was impressed! It was around £6 and it looks like it’s going to last me a while, highly recommended! They also have lots of other complimentary hair products and serums, which look great and I’ll definitely be trying some of those too!

Promise to get some images of my new shiny locks on here soon!



2 thoughts on “Organix Brazilian Hair Boost

  1. I was just browsing through the Organix shelf the other day and I wasn’t sure which item I wanted to try, but now I do!

    Btw, I tried their Argan oil dupe, it was pretty good! 🙂

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