Complete Bliss For Hands

Neom - Complete Bliss Hand Cream, Moroccan Blush Rose. A treat for my hands at work.

Neom – Complete Bliss Moroccan Rose Hand Cream & Office Essential.

We all want products that work, do what they say on the tin, are natural and can protect our all-so-sensitive bodies, but what really makes us tick is that yummy luscious smell! If we’re going to lather on lotions & potions, there’s no excuse for not smelling delightful.

That’s where my new desk pal comes in, NEOM ‘Luxury Organic Moroccan Blush Rose Hand Cream’ it’s even got ‘COMPLETE BLISS’ on the tube, which seems fitting.

Anything that smells like a spa is a winner in my eyes and this doesn’t disappoint, plus it exceeds on all other levels of natural and organic beauty-ness.

Brief summary – Moroccan blush rose, hint of lime and black pepper, Acai extract, Nourishing (essential for the handies) Argan Oil, which ‘helps the skin look visually firmer and smoother’. It’s 83% certified organic ingredients and 17% natural ingredients.

A few things to add – It’s not greasy and keeps on smelling good all day, which is giving me serious case of bringing up hands to my face every few minutes for ‘spa-feeling’!

You can buy it here HEALS or here Neom Organics Site

Full size bottle (75ml) – £20.00.

Indulge yourself with roses everyday in the office.


Anna Talks Beauty Rose Moroccan Complete Bliss Hand Cream


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