Soothing Remedies For Body & Feet

Anna Talks Beauty Dr Hauschka and Sanctuary foot butter

London is an oven and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s FANTASTIC! I spent 3 hours sat on a bar stool in a lovely restaurant last night, gossiping with a friend about how fabulous the sun is and eating very healthy quinoa salads with passion fruit martinis (there’s got to be balance!) All very glam but crikey we had puffiness at the end of it.

We wobbled home with swollen ankles, strange tight calves and that heavy leg feeling. Woah our feet were puffy – not a good look in those pretty sandals.

Thanks to a wonderful chemist I stopped in on earlier that evening I’d bought some lotions and potions to try and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to experiment.

1. Dr Hauschka – Birch Arnica Body Oil £18.25 (you can try a sample for £3) here Dr Hauschka

I’ve heard the benefits of Arnica for helping tired limbs and this product also states it will promote healthier circulation (now is good for this). I lathered this on and it smells divine, strong but in a good herbal lovely way. It has a slight warming sensation too and I really massage it in to my legs and ankles. This morning I felt revived and so much better, big thumbs up. I’ll be using it again after workout sessions too so it’s an upgrade to the big bottle and I’ll have to find myself a bigger bathroom cabinet. I’d like to add that I have sensitive skin and it’s great for that, no itchy/redness, just smooth and calmer legs. Well done Dr.Hauschka, my legs thank you.

2. Sanctuary Spa – Moisture Rich Foot Butter £5.25  Sanctuary

This comes in a nice round tub, so you can scoop your hand in and cover your knackered feet with a good coating before you hit the pillow. I’ve been using this for the last couple of years and I swear it brings my feet back to normal after wearing stilettos all night, if they’re tired or puffy or if you’ve had blisters etc… It really smells amazing (like I said, a sucker for a spa smell). Sweet Almond and Babassu Oils Nourish, with added oils of tea tree and lavender, a good combo. I’m sure you’ll be hooked like me, plus it’s a bargain that will last for ages! Sanctuary spa in Covent Garden is where I originally bought this cream, which also happens to be a lovely spa in the middle of the hubbub.



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