The 10 Minute Manicure – What You Need To Know

Anna Talks Beauty Nail varnish mavala Revlon Seche vite

Anna talks beauty mavala nail varnish minsk

I don’t mean in the beauty salon, I’m talking a thursday night when you have half an hour to throw an outfit together, hair done to a satisfactory level and some polish on those nails.

Anna’s Manicure – Step by Step

  • Start with the base coat. There are lots of different types (Orly Bonder is good too), but I have my trusty pot of Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat’, which you need 1 coat of. It has a mildly sticky surface once dry and this helps adhere the nail polish and keep it on for longer.
  • Nail polish of choice. My recent purchase is Mavala – 218 Minsk’, which I discovered in the Chemist. The dinky little bottle with the gold lid is a classic and small enough to pop in the makeup bag. Slick one coat on and by the time you come back round to the second coat it will be touch dry.
  • Leave to dry for a few minutes.
  • The next step will leave your nails chip free and dazzling and most importantly, dry in super quick time. Apply a generous coating of ‘Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat’ to finish. It’s SO good and will leave you wondering why you never purchased it years ago. NOW AVAILABLE IN BOOTS – HURRAH!
  • Speed things up even more – Submerge your hands into a sink filled up with cold water.
  • Smudge-proof tip – Use Almond Oil (cheap as chips from the chemist) and rub over all the nails. This forms a protective layer to stop them from smudging and imprinting, before they are absolutely dry.

And there you have it! Not a genius plan, just a few simple steps, good products and a spare 10 minutes.



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