5 Perfect Pink Nail Varnishes from Orly



In the summertime, I’m a tad partial to nail varnish experimenting and if I treat myself to a mani/pedi before holidays or a special occasion, I obsess about which colour will decorate my fingers and toes for the next 2 weeks. I have my favourite colours (Essie ‘Tangerine’ for instance) but think I’ll take a peek at what shades in the Orly range I’ve been overlooking..

Orly Nail Varnish – Pinks for all occasions (from left to right)

1. Orly – ‘Girly’. A very sheer pale pink with shimmer. This is a subtle, easy to wear colour and doesn’t require immaculate presentation (If it smudges, it doesn’t notice too much). Good for gals who want a pretty touch of sparkle. This is 3 coats and you can see my nail underneath.

2.  Orly – ‘Lola’. This is how I imagine the colour ROSE to look. I was surprised how this came out, I really love the colour, although the texture is more see-through than the others, so again this was 3 coats.

3. Orly – ‘Terracotta’. A sophisticated coral/pink neon with full coverage. It has slightly orange undertones compared to the rest and I rather liked this, as it suits my skin tone. This would make a good holiday colour on toes or hands, if you want something with impact but wearability.

4. Orly – ‘Butterflies’. Again, the coverage is thick, so only required 2 coats. The shade is more raspberry colour, with more strength than ‘Lola’. Nice for wedding nails or for girls with fairer skin.

5. Orly – ‘Passion Fruit’. The favourite for me. I don’t think the photo does it justice of how powerfully pink it is! It’s a neon and a few coats create an ideal holiday colour on hands or feet and great with a tan! If you don’t have it for the holiday, be sure to try it out on your tanned hands back in England, you’ll love it. I surveyed the colours amongst friends and most agreed this one was the most eye-catching in a good way!

There are lots more colours in the range, including an amazing couple of Tangy Orange Neons for anyone (like me) who loves a tan enhancing manicure! Buy them here Graftons Beauty or some nail/beauty salons sell them too!





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