Malin+Goetz – Rum Hand Wash and Bergamot Body Wash

Anna Talks Beauty Malin+Goetz

Malin+Goetz are the cool brand of body cleansing products. Packaged with clinical white plastic bottles and their logo which looks ‘lab-like’. The list of ingredients is boldly displayed onto the front of the bottle. This and the intriguing scents, has me hooked.

Rum Handwash – £16.50 Space NK (uk)  /  $20.00 Malin+Goetz (usa)

Don’t fear..despite what the alcoholic name may suggest, this won’t leave you feeling queezy on a hungover morning. Yes, it does smell like Rum, but in a flowery kind of way. It’s unusual, quirky and makes for a talking point in the kitchen/bathroom. I have this in the kitchen and whilst I’m slightly obsessive about hand washing (bordering on OCD), my hands are not stripped of moisture, instead they are soft and lightly scented with a bit of Rum Eau de Toilette. If you want some fun finishing touches to your rooms, look no further than this great range. If you want to go really mad, they also sell a Rum Body Wash and Rum Bar of Soap for those looking for a real Rum kick without the hangover.

Bergamot Body Wash – £15.50 Space NK (uk)  /  $18.00 Malin+Goetz (usa)

Fragranced with Bergamot extract, this fairly unassuming bottle packs a botanical punch. It smells absolutely gorgeous and the citrusy aromas leave you feeling uplifted as you shower away. High street body washes just never seem to smell like this! What’s more, the texture of the shower gel is thick, almost dense on application, which makes it feel as though it creates a moisturising film on the body. You can lather it up in the shower or run a little into the bath for extra indulgence.

PROS – Excellent for sensitive skin, in fact they research into sensitive skin technology to ensure people with eczema or stressed skin, can tolerate the ingredients.

Smells are unique and amazing (not at all chemically)

Thorough, researched ingredients for all products

CONS – Expensive. But they last for ages (especially the hand wash) and they make fantastic gifts.

TIP – Amazing present for BOYFRIENDS/HUSBANDS/MALE FRIENDS. They’ll be particularly thrilled at involving one of their favourite tipples into their shower routine.

Hope you enjoy them as much as me!



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