New Favourite Nude – Sisley Phyto-Lip Shine Lipstick

Anna Talks Beauty Sisley Lipstick Review lowres

Anna Talks Beauty Sisley Lipstick Phyto Shine Nude 01

Sisley is a new name in my makeup bag. The colourful and delightfully packaged products caught my eye and led me to the counter, where I came across a number of ‘must-have’ items.

‘Sisley Phyto-Lip Shine, Sheer Nude 1’ comes from their super collection of effortless sheers, which benefit from being a multi tasking, ingredients packed product, whilst offering a wearable neutral colour that can be applied on any occasion for a hint of colour and boost to your natural lips.

If you’re looking for a Glossy, Luminous, Contouring, Hydrating and Creamy colour, then this would be a welcome addition to the kit. I’m personally not a fan of heavily pigmented, covering nude shades, as I can never get them quite right without looking ill or overdone, so this is just right.


Unlike some other sheer lippies on the market, this stick feels like it has the substance of a full colour. It’s packed with hydrating goodies, giving it a balmy/creamy feel on your lips, which doesn’t slide off after 10 minutes.

It has the right amount of subtle shimmer to enhance the nude colour. The perfect colour for someone who is looking for a neutral hue, pinky/nude/beige.

I’ve never owned a lipstick with such beautiful, glamorous packaging. It comes in it’s own red velvet pouch, with solid feeling chrome casing with the ‘S’ logo cut out. Very good quality!

It also increases the hydration in your lips by 31% in 30 minutes* according to sources and protects them using Kokum and Mango Butters.

No sticky feeling

Long shelf life – Use within 24 months of opening


It’s expensive at £28.00, ouch! But if you want to splurge or treat yourself, go and investigate. It seems Sisley is one of the more pricey make-up counters!

Despite the price tag, I’m pleased I took the plunge and spent the money on this, as a lipstick always lasts a long time and a nude sheer is always useful to have on any day, especially one as lovely as Phyto Lip Shine.

Let me know if you’ve used this or are tempted to splurge and what your experiences of Sisley have been!


*Reference to John Lewis Website Description


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