Diffusers by Fragonard – Menthe Basilic & Rose Cedre

Anna Talks Beauty Fragonard Diffusers Menthe BasilicAnna Talks Beauty Fragonard Diffusers Rose Cedre

Earlier on in the year I visited Grasse in the south of France, which is renowned for it’s perfume  manufacture. This is where I stumbled across ‘Fragonard’.

A little bit about them

In 1926, Eugene Fuchs opened Perfumerie Fragonard, based on the concept that she would sell perfume to tourists who came to visit the French riviera. The name comes from the famous painter Jean-Honore Fragonard, who she named it after. 3 generations on and the perfumery still runs and adapts to keep up with modern trends and needs.

The Diffusers

They are from a special range from the Fragonard collection called ‘Le Jardin de Fragonard’. The fragrances are the unusual but distinctive blend of ‘Mint & Basil’ and ‘Rose & Cedar’. The Mint & Basil is my favourite of the two and one of the nicest diffuser smells I’ve tried before, I’m completely hooked on this! It’s fresh and uplifting, like walking into a herb garden and I think it’s good addition for a hallway or bathroom. The Rose & Cedar would be perfect for a bedroom or lounge. The scents are strong enough to fill up the whole room, but not overpowering.

The beautifully decorated glass bottle, makes them a great gift and could be recycled into a vase or make up brush holder afterwards.

Tip – A diffuser of this size (200ml) should last you for about 3 months, but you can extend the life of it, by taking out a few sticks, so the fragrance is absorbed less quickly.

Availability – The only downside is not being able to purchase these easily within the UK. You can buy them online from the Fragonard website or duty free in some French Airports (Nice for instance).  Marks and Spencer do a Fragonard range, but I have yet to see these particular diffusers. Follow this link for their products Marks and Spencer Fragonard Collection.

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