A Note By Anna – The Beauty Blog


I’m certainly no science expert and I can only base my opinions on what I’ve tried and what I think works for me. Health and beauty is a personal game and what’s right for my skin and body, might be completely different for the next girl or boy.

I’ve had things in my beauty cupboard and bathroom shelf, which I’ve used for years and some things that I’ve bought and never touched, so I love to tell you about the good bits and give you the heads up on the downside.

Sometimes I get the feeling of, ‘I wish someone has told me that before’ and that’s why blogs and online forums can be so helpful. It can be an expensive but enjoyable habit buying beauty goodies, so before you spend your well-earned cash on that new miracle-working cream, it would be great to know what other people think of it first.

If I’m honest, sometimes I just go for the big spend without a second glance. “They’re only beauty products, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t give me the St Tropez glow I was yearning for”….But it can be disappointing if they’re not all you were expecting.

Hopefully I might give you a few ideas, make you feel inspired to try something new and offer you information you can’t find on the bottle..

Until next time….Anna x


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