The Loo Review – Elemis Wild Lavender Hand & Body Wash / Vitamin Rich Hand & Body Lotion

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I like to draw attention to the little things, because most of us will notice them. A well presented bathroom is one thing that always tick that extra box for me and I will be snapping my favourites and most memorable to put in the spotlight.

Where – ‘Aubaine Restaurant, Wimbledon Village’.  The most delightful french style cafe/restuarant/patisserie, with an array of beautiful china ceiling lights, impressive sweeping bar, french chic table & chairs and an irresistable menu of cakes, lunches and coffees.

The Loo Review – ‘Elemis, Wild Lavender Handwash and Vitamin Rich Hand & Body Lotion’. Price in John Lewis for the Handwash in 195ml is £15.00. The packaging is also a little different to the photo here.

Smells amazing (and I’m not a lavender fan normally) and contains moisturising and loving ingredients for the hands, as listed:

Olive Essential Oil – Olive oil is known for it’s deep moisturising. A small amount in the handwash is enough to keep hands soft and cleansed. An excessive amount of olive oil could be quite heavy for skin.

Marigold Essential Oil – Soothing ingredient that often gets used in facial cosmetics. Also good for sensitive, inflammed or sore skin.

Carrot Essential Oil – Fragrance is woody.  Aromatherapy benefits – replenishing, nourishing & restoring.

Couldn’t find the body lotion online, which is disappointing, they may only stock it for commercial use. It contains Vitamin A, E, Almond Oil and Carrot seed essential oil with a non-greasy texture.

Overall, two lovely products with a great spa scent. Lavender is soothing and calming with natural antiseptic properties, so it’s the perfect product to compliment the serene environment of Aubaine.



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