Return Of The MAC – Indulge, Archies Girls & More…Collection Autumn/Fall 2013

Anna Talks Beauty Mac IndulgeThe MAC shop is an un-edible version of a sweety shop in my eyes, everything’s so colourful and enticing! I picked up some very exciting new additions for my makeup bag, including some sell out fast limited editions…

The first to be selected was the unique pearlglide eye-liner from the ‘Archies Girls’ collection called ‘Lord It Up’ which is packaged in limited edition white with red hearts. The colour is dark brown with a hint of bronze/shimmer, which is just what I’ve been looking for. The consistency of the pencil is more like a gel/creamy eyeliner, so it glides on effortlessly leaving a rich, strongly pigmented colour that doesn’t budge. Because of the consistency, the line tends to be softer and thicker than an ordinary pencil, so go easy at first and thicken it up later if you want to go bold.

The Gel Eyeliner is from the new collection ‘Indulge’ and it’ called ‘Deliciously Rich’. It’s a creamy gold gel from fluidline, which looks great over black or dotted along the bottom lash line too for some added glam. Gold is extremely wearable and it can make a day time look sparkle, without product overload. LOVE THIS and have been wearing to work all week.

Also from the Indulge range are the eyeshadows, which the shop girls were modelling to sensational effect. Into the basket they went. I have a big obsession with the colour green. The darker one would be a great alternative to black and highlight with the aqua/turquoise shade. ‘Sex & The Oyster‘ and ‘Eat,Love’.

I’ve left my favourite to last, my new lipstick ‘See Sheer’ from the Lustre range. If I tried to describe the colour, I’d say ‘soft rosey red, with a slightly gold/orangey undertone’. It’s a warm red, which is sheer on. I’m a little scared of red on a daily basis, but this is so wearable and you can layer it up for a more full on look. I love it with minimal eyes. Great colour for me and I’m a medium/fair complexion (slight yellow undertones) with green/brown eyes.

Hope that gets you in the MAC mood!



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