The Paris Beauty Diary – Le Bon Marche, Frederic Malle, Estelle & Thild, Le Comptoir Des Savonniers & More

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1.  Le Comptoir Des Savonniers – The most beautifully presented soap shop with every wonderful scent you could ask for. All cut to shape and weight of your choice.

2.  Frederic Malle – A small but perfectly formed perfumery, with a tailored collection of smells to suit any sophisticated nose. A selection of the perfumes can be sampled in ceiling height glass cylinder cubicles, which show you how your perfume will smell once it has been given chance to breathe! Their candles are creatively displayed, encased by glass domes. Inhale inside the glass dome lid rather than the candle itself, you’ll get a better idea of the smell!

3. Le Bon Marche – Comfy seating right in the middle of the makeup section. A very good idea that is not replicated at home, non? Not only would it be great for the girls….but also the long-suffering men!  Each counter is decorated and adorned with product, that’s elegantly displayed around old-fashioned display counters, which are charming.

Whilst I was perusing the counters, I discovered a new French perfume brand Kilian’They have 3 different ranges Black, Gold, then White which go up in price accordingly. The speciality of the range being the works of art travel bottles and cases to house the perfume. Can’t wait to see more of them and hopefully they’ll be hitting the UK soon.

Estelle & Thild’ A Sweedish organic skin care and cosmetics brand, which has just launched in Le Bon Marche. They also boast award winning lipbalms, body sculpting products and a baby care range. All delightfully packaged in feminine bottles with botanical inspiration. Check them out for a list of UK and international stockists.

Davines hair products are like a series of bottled lab ingredients in your bathroom. Designed originally for professionals and hair salons, the brand have developed a series of shampoos, masks, styling products and more to cater for hair gurus who want to show off some seriously cool bathroom product.

Lastly at Le Bon Marche,  who knew OPI did this amazing range of pedicure products!?

4. To celebrate the launch of the MAC Indulge collection for Autumn/Fall 2013, the flagship store entertained it’s customers (and passers-by) with a duo of violinist and furious dancing lady. They did a fine job of getting people in a spending frenzy, including me, who left with a whole range of new colours. It was worth the 1 hour run around after, to get to the Eurostar in time…

There we have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Paris edit. Let me know about any of your French finds!



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