A Chip-Free Nail Varnish That Works – CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Anna Talks Beauty CND Vinylux Chip Free Nail Varnish

To all those nail lacquer lovers, I have found a true gem of a product!

Last weekend I hit the Olympia Beauty show, ready to see what it was all about, the new big thing and what everyone was queuing for. I came across my new polish in the press tent, where I received a bit of pampering and a CND Vinylux manicure in ‘Burnt Romance’. This brown shade (no reds, purples, just good old-fashioned brown) tickled my fancy and I love it, which is lucky really as 4 days after the show and my nails are completely chip free and still looking amazing! Very impressive, as I am most certainly not treating them well!

– No need for a base coat

– 2 coats of colour and one of the top coat (you must use the CND vinylux top coat, as this is the key to the chip free resistance).

– Loads of colour choices

– The colour doesn’t transfer onto paper/walls, you know the feeling!

– It’s dry in approximately 8 minutes, totally dry, amazing! No more sitting around under the fan in the salon!

For any shellac phobes out there, this is the product which bridges the gap between normal polish and ‘lamp setting’ gels.

I’m totally hooked and wish I had stocked up at Olympia! I’m sure you’ll see some more on this nail polish range from me soon.



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