Luxury Beauty – Christmas Gift Edit

Anna Talks Beauty Memo Trish Mcevoy YSL dolce & gabbana

Regrettably, I’ve been swept up in the November Christmas hysteria and as a result have been stalking the beauty world for a selection of gifts I deem worthy for any beauty lover.

For that glamour-puss beauty junky, Memo delights  our senses with their ‘Italian Leather Eau De Parfum’. It’s a spectacular retro, italian Pucci meets Gucci patterned bottle with unusual but genius smell to match. £160 Harvey Nichols.

Dolce and Gabbana launched into the beauty world with a beautiful selection of golden palettes. This Christmas, they have spoilt us with a super exclusive of this ‘Glow Bronzing Powder’. The case and powder are designed to look like girly lace and the shade is made up of 4 bronze tones, which looks great on most skin types and great for a boost of radiance and colour. Hard to go wrong with such a pretty piece and a bronzer is an essential in most ladies’ lives.  £39.50 Harrods (Exclusively).

I believe good brushes are worth the investment. You can wash them and clean them and they’ll be around to see countless pots of creams and blushes if they’re looked after. Trish McEvoy have produced this fabulous set in her synonymous quilted leather case. The kit contains 10 brushes to cover most needs and with their own case, means they never have to be found at the bottom of the handbag any longer (maybe that’s just me?!). If you want to add any of your existing brushes to the spaces then go for it! £180 Selfridges.

If you’re searching for the nail varnish gift of gifts, YSL have come up with this sleek selection of their ‘La Laque’ nail polishes in 24 shades. If you’ve ever wanted your own nail bar, this is a taster for you at home! It comes wonderfully presented in an acrylic box. All the shades are classic and wearable and you’ll never get bored! If you’ve got a dressing table in need of some colour or fancy a nail over-haul, then look no further. £395 Selfridges (exclusively).

I’m sure they’ll be more Christmas chatter to come. Until then, I hope this gets you in the beauty festive mood!



2 thoughts on “Luxury Beauty – Christmas Gift Edit

  1. Your blog is so inspiring for me – really beautiful. I’ve nominated your blog for the ‘Liebster Award’ here… I hope you accept….

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