In Focus – Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder

Anna talks beauty guerlain bronzer 4 seasons review

ral techniques blush brush

It might seem odd and you’ll be surprised to hear, that despite being a bit barmy about beauty, bronzing powders are not something I really get excited about, especially when my late Kevyn Aucoin one broke into a million stain-making pieces on my white trousers. Perhaps I’m bitter?! But just recently, I’ve been finding it hard to sculpt and define with my ‘Tan de Chanel’ and thought it would be best to research, shop around and get me a product which would give me cheekbones a la Miranda Kerr and an all over bronzed glow with minimal effort. Guerlain have come up trumps, any surprises there? Not really, but the proof is always in the eating or in this case sculpting and yes this is a fabulous bronzer and worth the several hours of umm-ing and ahh-ing at the counter.  Guerlain’s ‘Terracotta 4 seasons in shade 03 Natural Brunettes’, is a matte finish but by no means cakey. It’s a sheer, lightweight veil and can be customised from the quad pallette to vary your contouring and define with darker tones. It has a perfumed scent, which reminds me of my grandma’s Florentine talc from marks and sparks, but it’s in no way off putting and actually, I rather like it. No orangey cheeks or dodgy fake tan look, just the right shade of sun-kissed. I build it up a little more for the evenings and particularly across the bottom of my cheekbones and out to the middle of my ear in the darker shade to make my rather round face seem shapely! Remember peeps, make the bits you are concealing or disguising dark, to enhance the lighter areas. A dusting of bronzer across the tops of your temples and to the top sides of your forehead will make your cheekbones pop!

As I’ve mentioned, numerous times, I’m sensitive skinned and have quite dry, tight cheeks and forehead, this suits me perfectly however. This could well be the ‘moisturising’ features of the product and if so, fantastic and I would really recommend for anyone on the sensitive side of things. Invest in a nice soft, brush, which is slightly tapered at the end so you can really get into each corner of the bronzer. I’m using ‘Real Techniques – Blush Brush’, which is super soft and the perfect size and style for lightweight all over application, but also for contouring.

To top it all off, the sales lady gave me a tonne of samples to take home so I’m test driving some new liquid foundations, serums and perfumes.. Watch this space for more Guerlain goodies…


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