Spring Skincare

Anna Talks beauty Skincare

Sunny weekends, blossom on the trees, sunglasses and an overwhelming need to go shopping…yes Spring is here and with it comes an array of new goodies!

My poor old skin has struggled through Winter and I am desperately trying to get my glow back. I’ve got the essentials and mixed it up with a few well-known, but un-tried products for me, which have graced editors glossys but never my bathroom cabinet. Here’s the verdict…

I used to be a big fan of the water cleanser and had a fantastic YSL one called ‘pure 4 in 1 water’ (if you had it, I’m sure you’ll feel the love for it like I did) but sadly it was discontinued. Liz Earle’s Skin Tonic, is a great substitute and gives me the refreshing feel, smell and glow that I want. In the morning I use this to wake me up a little, likewise in the evenings if you want to feel like you’ve given your skin a squeaky clean, it’s great for using before bed and as a make up remover. It doesn’t cause me any irritation and the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E give me a much needed moisture boost.

Dior is a new thing in my skincare routine. Despite the flowery scent, this ‘Gentle Cleansing Milk’ is a thick to milky lotion texture for dry and sensitive skins and is perfect for anyone out there who needs a nourishing makeup remover. It feels like your slathering lots of product on your face, but it also gives you the moisturised, comfortable feeling in your skin, so you can head off to bed without the need to moisturise.

Lancome’s BiFacial Eye Makeup Remover has often been nominated as the best eye make up remover and yes I agree, the combo formula takes it off, but I also feel that you need loads of product to get it all off and in the short time I’ve had it, I’ve used loads! On the plus sides it doesn’t sting my eyes and the bottle’s cute.

I had a magazine offer for Neals Yard Remedies, so off I toddled down to my local store, which is the sweetest little place with really helpful and informed staff. I gave my symptoms and explained I was getting those nasty little dehydration lines etc and generally dry/sensitive skin. She recommended the ‘Rehydrating Rose – Daily Moisture’Yummy smell, light texture, contains Hyaluronic acid and comes with a pump dispenser, which is just plain handy..It dries quickly, I don’t get a real boost though, it’s not the most comfortable feeling on my skin 😦 I’ll talk in more detail soon. It doesn’t give me any sensitivity though which is a plus! I use a drop of the Orange Flower Oil before for a real booster and added radiance!


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