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Recognise these? Are you a 90’s or noughties teen child who often has nostalgic thoughts about previous makeup wonders or nightmares?

I’ve gone on a little trip down memory lane and made a list of my old ‘must-haves’ from the high street. To all those UK readers amongst you, this list may bring on vivid memories and flashbacks of your youth…and make you feel old 🙂

1. ‘Ice Blue Shampoo’ – Cult favourite from the Body Shop.

2. ‘Hide The Blemish’ Concealer by Rimmel- Even if it did give you slightly dodgy, off-skintone patches.

3. Hairspray, lots of it. Then, if we were feeling experimentive, pulling a small chunk of hair down on each side of our parting. Thank you Spice Girls.

4.  Collection 2000 lipstick – In a browny/purple/greyish shade. When I thought I had found THE lipstick to end all other lipsticks..oh dear. Another classic was ‘Heather shimmer’ by Rimmel, it was like a frosting for lips.

5. Peel Off Face-Mask – The one’s in the sachets, from Superdrug… Yep.

6. Owning every colour in the ‘Spectacular’ nail varnish collection..That includes ‘Jazz Orange’, ‘Acid Green’, ‘Onyx Black’ and of course everybody’s favourite ‘Bubblegum’. Trading these said colours with peers was also a fun playground activity.

7. Pressed face powder from Rimmel – With the clear plastic lid that always cracked. Looking back, I don’t think it was so much the powder, but the sponge pad applicater it came with.

8. ‘Impulse’ body spray – Before perfume you were either this or a ‘Charlie’ girl..admit it.

9. ‘Nail the Habit’ – If you were a nail nibbler like me, you would have tried this. Twisting your fingers into the sponge in a tub, to give you fowl tasting fingers which left traces on anything you touched and ate.

10. ‘Lipcote’ – Looks like clear nail varnish. Is in fact that liquid you applied over the top of your lipstick to keep it in place. Smelt toxic, and was my lips worst nightmare.

11. Hair Tints by  Schwarzkopf – Red was probably the favourite amongst friends and the brunettes like myself. I always like to time my around the same time as Christmas for that added festive look. If you were blonde, it was more about ‘Sun In’.

12. Hair Mascara – Makes me laugh just thinking about getting the wand jammed in my hair. Colour options were mainly neon – Pink, Blue and Green.

13. The ‘Avon’ Catalogue – My mum’s. Bit obsessed with flicking through this and dreaming of owning these products later in life.


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