Jo Malone – The Scent Experience


Anna Talks Beauty Jo Malone

Perfume can be a personal thing, but if you’re like me and you find it difficult to make a decision, then receiving a gift of a gorgeous scent is always a pleasant surprise. Peony Suede Blush by Jo Malone, is one of their newer fragrances and wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice on selection, but I’ve fallen for this one and I have been dousing myself in it everyday for the last few months. It’s fresh, not powdery and very apt for Spring. If you’re not one for overpowering scents, then this is beautiful and I’d really recommend. The 100ml bottle means it will last you for ages and you don’t need to be precious with it, get spritzing yourself!

Following on from the love of this, I popped into Jo Malone the other day and picked up a more ‘portable’ size 30ml bottle of ‘Blackberry and Bay’ cologne. After much deliberation, this one gave me a enough ‘edge’ but also something a bit different and not immediately obvious.

Jo Malone have such a great selection and if you’re not one to ‘follow suit’ and like the idea of having something a little different, remember that Jo Malone offer the perfect option for those wanting to experiment. You can mix up the scents to create something unique. My Blackberry Peony Bay Leaf scent makes me feel happier in the morning, just as scent should and when I return back home, I am comforted in the knowledge that my Jo Malone candle in Nectarine Blossom and Honey will transport me back to my happy scent place.






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