Chanel – The new foundation ‘Perfection Lumiere Velvet’

Anna talks beauty chanel foundation perfection lumiere velvet

I’m embarrassing when it comes to samples, so much so that people often abandon me at the makeup counter when I start asking, but if you can get a few freebies thrown in with your ‘v.expensive’ purchase, then great and I kind of think…that’s the whole point. Here I am, very loyal customer and avid makeup go-to-er, let me try the goodies!

So, with my normal gusto I ask at the Chanel counter and they’ve given me the new foundation to try ‘Perfection Lumiere Velvet’, which is their ‘Smooth Effect Makeup’ with spf 15. The colour I’m trialling is ‘Beige, 30’ and it’s a pretty good match. Yellow-y enough to suit my skin tone but warm enough too.

I rarely go for a ‘Matt’ finish, as I dislike the full coverage it often comes with, however this is a bit different. It’s a thin watery texture. I popped it onto the back of my hand and applied it from there. A small blob was enough to do my whole face, a little goes a long way! It’s a soft-finish, absolutely velvety and smooth looking and feeling. It lightely concealed any redness and left a very even texture and finish on my skin. I felt more ‘made-up’ than usual for day make up, but the foundation itself is seamless and untraceable and the soft matt finish gives it a bit more staying power than some of it’s Chanel friends. It has enough versatility to make it a great long-lasting day or evening base.

For me, I really am a sucker for ‘dewy’ so I dabbed a little highlighter on my cheeks and nose for that extra radiance and zing!

I’ve applied this with my retractable foundation brush from EcoTools and my buffering, stippling brush from Real Techniques.

Another thing to add…The actual thing is a small, plastic bottle, which you can pop in the handbag and it doesn’t weigh you down, as per my good friend Vitalumiere 🙂







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