Battle of the Rose Moisturisers – Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light & Neals Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Review


I don’t usually directly compare 2 products, but in the frustration to find the right moisturiser for me, it’s best to draw some comparisons! Just to let you know, I have normal skin, but it’s dehydrated and I suffer with dryness and light dehydration lines around the tell-tell areas (forehead and around eyes).

In a bid to sort this out or at least give my skin a little helping hand, I decided to test drive  a couple of products designed for these very conditions. ROSE is the ingredient here to banish dehydration and dryness.

Neals Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Daily Lotion is a really runny light lotion and one pump does the whole face no problems. Another pump for the neck! I’ve been using it for a good few months now and I think that’s a good amount of time to ‘settle in’ to a product, let your skin adapt. Unfortunately, even though this product is a pleasure to smell and put on my skin, I’m not entirely sure it’s actually ‘hydrating’ my skin very much. I get the urge to want to pump another lot to re-apply after. I actually feel as though the cream is a little drying? Sounds odd. Maybe this cream just isn’t thick enough in texture or potency for my thirsty chops.

The second ROSE cream is from Dr Hauschka. It’s the ‘Rose Day Cream Light’. I’ve heard some good things and I was intrigued to see how another cream compared. The texture is thicker and much more hydrating. I found I need a good couple of pea size amounts to cover my face. This made my skin feel dewy and comfortable, the consistency of the cream is designed more for a dry skin person. I didn’t have to worry about re-applying and it gave me a great base for makeup. I did have a little bit of oily build up around my nose using this on my non-dry areas, but I think this is an indication that the formulas more intense! I was happily moisturised all day, even after a day outside in the sunshine!

I wanted to love the Neals Yard cream, as I’ve had so many great products from them before, but on this occasion, it just doesn’t quite live up to my expectations and Dr Hauscka has pipped it on this one.

On trial at the moment and soon to be reviewed too…Neals Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash, for in the shower!


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