Weekend Water

Anna Talks Beauty Bioderma & Liz Earl Skin Tonic

When it’s hot and muggy, cleansing with a water rather than cream is the perfect solution. When you wake up first thing in the morning and you need a soothing but fresh douse of tonic to wake you up or to gently cleanse your face, Liz Earle have their Skin Tonic. This is the first bottle I’ve owned and I’m nearly finished and ready to purchase another. The ingredients mean that it smells divine and it helps me feel refreshed. I take it on holidays and use it for any time I want to indulge my senses! I really recommend it for anyone and of course, this is one of their cult products!

The other doesn’t need too much introduction, as you will probably already have heard about the wonders of Bioderma (sensitive skin one), which is the best water cleanser. I love it because the product goes really far, it makes me feel cleansed but subtle and it’s super gentle on my skin. One good squeeze on a cotton pad easily does my whole face and feels like I’ve got plenty of liquid on, so no abrasive feeling or re-application! You can rinse off after of leave it feeling fresh. For all those hand luggage lovers, you can buy it in the diddy bottle size too!

Enjoy this amazing weather peeps!



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