Sunday Skin, Hair & Nails

Anna Talks Beauty Bioderma After Sun phyto Shampoo essie cuticle pen NYR


Every Sunday, I like to give myself a bit of a treat. I’ve got a few products which see the light most weekends for an extra bit of a pamper before the working week is upon me!

Hair – This is the one of the BEST shampoos I’ve ever tried. Bold claim I know, but you must try it to believe! I discovered Clarifying Detox Shampoo from the Phyto range whilst searching in the chemist. The lady recommended it to me and at first, the high price tag made me a little cautious, but it is worth every penny. To describe the smell, if you like VICS when you have a cold, you’ll love this. It’s like giving your hair the most amazing herbal, eucalyptus smelling froffy wash. It removes all the residue, build-up and product in your hair to reveal super silky, soft and nourished locks.

Skin – Bioderma don’t just do good cleansing waters, they also do really lovely after-suns ‘Photoderm Apres Soleil’! I bought this on holiday in France and I’ve been using it since to maintain my tan. It’s quite a thick milky texture, but it’s easy to rub in and it’s the perfect skin nourisher for me….and I’ve still got a tan, woo!

Face – September is nearing (tomorrow) and that means my skin starts to dry and go a bit weird! It does it every year, without fail. I’m prone to getting a bit of dryness around nose, on my forehead and on my ears! This is a very thick cream, which you really need to go sparingly on, but Vitamin E and Avocado Night Cream’ (super duo) sort me out. Another gem from NYR, ahhh thank goodness for those little blue glass bottles and tubs.

Nails – Sunday is either a time for manicure or removal of manicure. Fresh start and good intentions for the week ahead, and all that! So whether there’s varnish or no varnish, this Essie Cuticle Pen is filled with a nourishing little gel (no dripping all over the show) to help maintain lovely looking nails. Such a handy pen too with easy brush applicator.


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